SHA Cymru letter to Labour Senedd Members March 2021

To all Labour Senedd Members

SHA Cymru (SHAC) notes with alarm the takeover of AT Medical by Operose/Centene. This creates a massive toe hold for US commercial interested in the English NHS.

In Wales, the absence of Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) contracts has protected us from the encroachment by these corporate interests. SHAC believes that assurances need to be given that this continues.

The fact that APMS contracts are such a feature of English General Practice is a warning of the general vulnerability and fragility of the sector, to which Wales is not immune.

SHAC believes that NHS Cymru needs to be more proactive in developing a General Practice strategy which is not reliant on independent contractors. SHAC calls for a clear career pathway for salaried GP’s in Wales. There is a need to positively embrace public service General Practice within the NHS, under the brand of NHS General Practice.

SHAC daws your attention to the attached link mapping the involvement of APMS, Operone and AT Medics noting the proximity to Wales’ border of some of these.



Linda Lewis