Let More GP’s Work For NHS Wales


Socialist Health Association – Cymru is calling on the Welsh Government to provide salaried general practitioners with an more secure and exciting career pathway in the Welsh NHS as a means to reducing list sizes in the country to 1,400 patients / GP


The establishment of an All Wales GP Locum Register and recent increase in the numbers of doctors in general practitioner training posts in Wales are important steps forward in achieving the Welsh Government’s objectives as outlined in A Healthier Wales.


Social Health Association – Cymru believers further steps are needed to deliver more GPs to the front line with a view to a rapid reduction in the average GP list size to 1,400 patients / GP. While the majority of GPs in Wales will continue to work as contractors to the NHS, there is a growing number of GPs who would prefer to work on a salaried basis like their hospital medical colleagues.


SHA Cymru believed that NHS Wales and our Health Boards should develop a career option for general practitioners to work directly for the NHS. This would provide salaried doctors with a more secure career pathway as well as making easier for Health Boards to plan primary care services in particular where it is already proving difficult to recruit GPs, where existing practices are under greatest pressure and to meet the needs of priority and vulnerable groups and communities.


The English NHS Director of Primary Care, Dr Nikki Kanami, has just called on English local health organisations to provide such an option for English GPs.


SHA- Cymru urges that similar steps are taken in Wales.Let More GP’s Work For NHS Wales