Officers’ Meeting 6th August 2015

Minutes of Officers Meeting

Thursday 6th August 2015  


  1. WebEx links

No member had indicated a wish to join the meeting via WebEx


  1. Notes of last meeting

These were agreed


  1. Matters arising not on the agenda

Evidence to House Of Lords committee on funding of

devolved bodies: Agreed; submission to be made using the draft created

by the secretary.


  1. Welsh Policy Forum

The policy papers discussed at the policy session were noted. The reference

to a salaried primary care service was welcomed. Agreed: more should be

done to encourage physical activity at school


  1. SEA constitution

Agreed: secretary to seek out a copy of this and peruse.

  1. Next member meeting

Noted: the next members meeting would be on September 8th at 7pm and tre guest speaker will be Professor Sir Mansel Aylward who will lead a discussion on challenges to the health of the public of Wales.


  1. Central Council matters

         Noted: although Central Council had decided not to endorse any

candidate for the Labour Party leadership, a poll of members had been

conducted and the result was a victory for Jeremy Corbyn – which had

been publicly announced. At the next CC delegates would seek to

understand how the poll fitted with Council’s decision not to support any


  1. Primary care: progress

Agreed: the paper prepared by the secretary would be taken further; those

sections not completed in the draft would be omitted. Comments from

other members would be sought and the paper would be submitted to the

policy process after contact had been made with Dr Andrew Goodall.

  1. Green paper: possible legislation on health (Wales)

The draft response prepared by the secretary was considered. There were

concerns at any weakening of Board positions of Directors responsible for

rehabilitation services; secretary and Treasurer to discuss further to

produce a draft for consulting members.

  1. Treasurers report

   The balance held was £528-39p. A donation of £11 had been received.

Affiliations had been made to Gower CLP and Cardiff West CLP.


  1. Legislation watch

The Safe Staffing Bill would be furthered by 11th December with

recent amendments dealt with.


Next officers meeting to be held on 2nd September.