Officers’ Meeting 30th November 2017

Notes of SHA Wales Officers Meeting

Thursday 30th November 2017 :  4 pm  Cardiff


Present: Alison Scouller, Pip Ford. Tony Beddow



  1. Notes of last meeting – these were agreed.
  2. Arising
    1. Arch project: further information was awaited from ABMU re current position
    2. Membership data: nothing further to report
    3. AGM: agreed – ask Huw Irranca Davies to speak on the implications of Austerity upon the health of young people. Dates in February selected, Cardiff venue.
    4. d) WEC: Chair reported on outcome re OMOV
    5. e) Public health Conference: noted – Sue Thomas attended for SHA and will report back soon.


  1. Central Council Issues

Noted: members from N. Wales attended the Central Council in Chester and discussions about including them further were held in the margins of the meeting. There was a presentation on saving the Women’s Hospital Liverpool and the implications for maternal care (Chair is working with others on a paper). The Party’s Women’s Conference had conducted a delivery review. The Central Council – with, in the main,  minor additions and textual amendments – had agreed the SHA‘s policy documents.


  1. Welsh Policy Forum (WPF)

Chair reported on the recent WPF session. WPF deferred a decision on electing its Chair (who would take a seat on WEC). The strains on Betsi Cadwalladr Health Board were discussed. Concerns about CAMHS services and some aspects of contracting out of services were raised. AS raised concerns about the proposals for the Major Trauma Centre consultation.


5 Expectations paper

This was accepted as the basis of a submission to CLPs to which we affiliate (TB and AS to forward). Agreed: members also to receive this with encouragement to raise in their branches.


  1. Major Trauma Services Wales

Noted: the consultation process has now started. Some CLPs have already passed motions critical of the recommendation, or the process by which this came about, or both. The secretary had been interviewed by the BBC raising some concerns and encouraging the public to take part in the consultation process. It was agreed that the points raised in our press release would be expanded to form the basis of the SHA response to the consultation (secretary to prepare draft for officers to agree.


  1. Assembly Enquiry into Costs of Ageing

Noted: Dr Gibbons had done considerable work on this topic and it was agreed that SHA would seek to respond to the Welsh Assembly consultation.


  1. Treasurers report

The current balance is £568 -39p.


  1. Legislation watch

Nothing to report.


  1. A.O.B.    
  2. a) Agreed: secretary to write to Louise Magee seeking: progress with guidance on motions/ rule changes promised at the 2017 Welsh Conference; also raising recent report at a CLP regarding confidential business at WEC.
  3. b) Noted, some interest in joining SHA had been shown by members in Aberavon CLP and it was agreed that, if numbers increased, affiliation to that CLP would be supported.


  1. Next officers meeting

25th January  4pm Cardiff