Officers’ Meeting 2nd September 2015

Notes of officers meeting

Wednesday 2nd September 2015  



  1. Notes of last meeting – Agreed


  1. Arising
    1. AM selection Gower: agreed, secretary to consult Gower members re their wishes
    2. b) Primary Care paper : noted, meeting arranged with WG officials for

9th September (Chair and secretary) to discuss proposals

  1. c) Evidence to House of Lords re devolution and funding: this has

been submitted

  1. d) Web Ex : agreed, keep this as an option for members to join in

officers meetings  

  1. e)   Welsh SHA Web site: agreed, secretary to explore options

f))   Green paper response: agreed, secretary to make fuither

enquiries about the definitions of “fit and proper persons” and

“responsible persons” before finalising the response to the Green



  1. Next members meeting : topic and site

             Agreed: seek to hold a meeting in November with Vaughan Gething

as the guest speaker.

  1. Treasurers report

     Current balance is £489.39 with further income to come from SHA UK


  1. . Legislation watch

     Nothing to add to last report


  1. AGM Arrangements  

   Agreed: arrange for a Saturday in January and consult members in advance

re moving to a more federal arrangement.


  1. Email from the Director re Chair’s wish to visit Wales.        

Discussed and noted; bear in mind for the AGM


  1. AOB Noted: Chair will attend Welsh Public Health Conference in November


  1. Next officers meeting

   October 7th at 4pm in Unite Building