Officers’ Meeting 22nd June 2017

Notes of SHA Wales Officers Meeting

Thursday 22nd June   2017 :  4 pm  Cardiff


Present  Alison Scouller (Chair) Pip Ford (Treasurer) Tony Beddow (Secretary)


  1. Notes of last meeting –  These were approved


  1. Arising
    1. Arch project : agreed, secretary to liaise with Minister’s office to ascertain progress with elements of project discussed when officers met him – e.g privately provided bariatric surgery.
    2. Joint Welsh Government / Westminster front bench meeting: Noted that Central Council had touched on the possibility of such a meeting being  facilitated to share Welsh experience  – e.g. in unplugging the internal market, safe staffing levels and bringing health and social care closer. Agreed: secretary to liaise with Minister’s office to explore option.
    3. Safe Staffing levels: current progress with implementing the legislation was noted. Agreed: secretary to write to CNO to seek information on any work being done to manage workload / demand to fit extant staffing levels.
    4. The latest report from the Director giving members in Wales was considered. Some outdated information was noted. Agreed: secretary to seek to update the list by, first, getting a current list of Unison branches and contacts covering health and social care in Wales. Chair to action latter.
    5. Not been able to arrange meeting with Brian Eadon yet.


  1. Central Council

Noted, last week’s Council had elected the Chair and Dr Helen Grenwich as delegates to the Party Conference. Nominations for Socialist Society NEC representatives had also been supported.


Noted, Central Council had agreed a process for continuing the development of relevant policies that would hopefully be of use to the Labour Party in the months ahead.


Noted: revised arrangements were being put in place by officers to oversee the type of advertisements deemed appropriate for the SHA Web site. The Director pointed out the revenue now being generated by web advertisements.


Noted: the Director had referred to the need to look ahead to his possible retirement and suggested the SHA undertake some organisational development work to strengthen the Association, including its income stream.


  1. Affiliation to CLPs 17/18

      It was agreed to renew our affiliation fee to Swansea West CLP and

Cardiff West CLP; delegates to remain as Alison Scouller and Tony

Beddow respectively.


  1. Treasurers report

The current balance was £580 -39p


  1. Legislation watch

           Pip Ford reported recent changes in the legislative process. A Bill

addressing Learning Needs would be of relevance to the NHS because

of the link to the statementing process.


  1. A.O.B.       
  2. a) Noted – the first report from the Parliamentary Review on Health


  1. b) Noted : consultation on “ Our Health, our Health Services – a follow

on from earlier paper seeking views on any further legislation needed

to improve NHS governance. Agreed: secretary to study the

consultation paper.

  1. c) Noted; there was a review of GP clusters
  2. d) A Dementia strategy was promised for the Autumn.


  1. Next officers meeting

August 17th  4pm Cardiff