Minutes of AGM 2014

AGM SHA Cymru Wales November 2014


Report of Secretary


The year has been a busy one for SHA Cymru Wales and I wish to place on record my thanks to the Chair Alison Scouller, Treasurer Pip Ford, and our two elected Council delegates David Davies and Brian Gibbons for all their support and advice.


The officers have met roughly every six weeks to monitor health issues in Wales (including keeping an eye on forthcoming Welsh legislation in which Pip Ford takes a particular interest) and plan for both Central Council meetings and the programme of member events.


Nationally, SHA Cymru Wales has played a large part in developing policy papers for consideration by Labour’s policy forum process and it is pleasing to see much of this policy now featuring in speeches by Andy Burnham. Wales has also taken a leading role in Central Council – seeking to improve aspects of the governance of the SHA which in my view (and in the view of others) is in need of urgent attention.


Within Wales, on behalf of the membership and officers I have:

  • maintained close links with Welsh Government colleagues
  • pursued aspects of the policy of the BBC in inviting Welsh politicians onto Question Time and Any Questions when held in Wales
  • with the Chair, met the new Director of NHS Wales to explore aspects of strategic capacity planning in the Welsh NHS – with good progress now being made
  • with the Chair, met with Dr Paul Myers of the RCGP to explore areas of shared interest in respect of primary care
  • arranged the launch of “10 steps towards future NHS Wales”
  • arranged member meetings on safe staffing levels
  • explored ways in which technology can assist the bringing together of our scattered membership for some virtual meetings.


I have responded to invites to talk to Party and other meetings about the NHS and write articles for newsletters etc. .


As I write this report, NHS Wales has come under the expected sustained political attack from the Tory party and its media friends. Officers have sought to play their part in exposing these attacks for what they are – the desperate efforts of a privatising and small state party to deflect attention a way from the damage they have done to the NHS in England, and for which they sought no mandate.


Tony Beddow


October 2014