Officers’ Meeting 14th August 2014

Notes of SHA Wales Officers Meeting

Thursday 14th August 2014   3-30 pm Sarne


Present: Alison Scouller   Pip Ford Tony Beddow


  1. Notes of last meeting – 10th June 2014

These were approved.


  1. Arising
  2. a) 10 Steps – meeting with RCGP

The Chair reported on an interesting meeting with Dr Paul Myers of the Royal College of GP’s on the SHA’s recent discussion paper “10 Steps”. The College was keen to contribute to the ongoing debate about improving primary care. It shared much, but not all, of the analysis of the SHA. Agreed: this topic should form the topic of the AGM in November.


  1. b) National Council matters

The secretary reported on the telephone conference set up to explore ways using external help to improve the functioning of the SHA and Central Council, using the resources of Unite and GMB.


  1. c)   BBC – Question Time and Any Questions

The secretary had not had any further replies from Wales Labour or the BBC answering questions that arose from the BBC’s initial explanation of the composition of recent panels for QT and AQ hosted in Wales. Agreed: secretary to chase.


  1. d) Web site

No progress had been possible with this matter owing to the non availability of the persons able to assist. Agreed: alternative advice to be sought.


  1. e) Public Health submission

The Chair had submitted our contribution to the Public Health consultation.


  1. f) Possible meeting with Owen Smith MP

Noted: nothing arranged so far.


  1. Next members meeting : topic and site

         This was now arranged for 3rd September at Unison ,Cardiff on the topic

of legislating for safe staffing levels in the NHS, Speakers confirmed were

Pip Forde, Dame June Clarke and Dawn Bowden.



  1. Meeting with Dr Andrew Goodall: Director NHS Wales

           Officers had had an encouraging meeting with Dr Goodall, the

newly appointed Director of NHS Wales. He had welcomed the ” Capacity

Planning” paper prepared by SHA Cymru Wales earlier in the year and

promised to pursue its aims.


  1. Response to Williams Report

           Dr Brian Gibbons had prepared a discussion document intended to seek

the views of members on “Williams”. Agreed: to issue the paper (with

some minor additions relating to the need to improve the cadre of

Welsh public servants) to members to enable officers to finalise a

response to Welsh Government.



  1. Treasurers report

         There was a balance of £465-39p

  1. Next officers meeting

This will be prior to the Members meeting on the 3rd September