Officers’ Meeting 25th April 2013

Notes of SHA Cymru Wales Officers Meeting April 25th 2013

Present: Alison Scouller, Philippa Ford, Tony Beddow


  1. Notes of last meeting – 13th March were agreed.



  1. Arising
  1. Two responses had been received in respect of the “capacities letter” from Aneurin Bevan and Hywel Dda Boards
  2. The secretary had been guest speaker at the Caerphilly CLP who now wished to affiliate. Swansea Labour left had also affiliated. Noted: there was no option for direct affiliation to Wales SHA but SHA UK would support Wales financially if required.
  3. Pip gave a further report on the progress of the Social Care Bill which was now in its scrutiny phase. This was revealing some of the tensions between Welsh Government and local government.


  1. National Council

The next national Council was the AGM in June where it was expected that the

secretary appointed after the AGM would attend. The balance of UK and Wales

activity of officers was discussed and it was confirmed that officers should remain

engaged with the UK agenda, assist where possible, but should concentrate on

developing further the profile of SHA Cymru Wales.


As part of this it was felt that officers should try to arrange for a number of

position papers to be crafted. The topics would be tested out at the AGM but these

might include:


Rebuttal of myths and lies about the Welsh NHS

The challenges of community care

Wales’ first legislative experience – good or bad?

Public Health Issues in Wales

Wales and Francis


Joint meetings with other bodies – e,g, Trade Unions and professional bodies

would be considered.


It was noted that Julian Hart had recently been poorly but was remaining active

as President.

SHA Wales views on the design of the web site had been commented upon by

others; agreed, this might be raised again at the AGM.


  1. Meeting with the Minister

It was agreed to seek to meet the Welsh Health Minister soon to offer assistance

where he required it and to explore ideas for re-designing the links between

primary and social care and the urgent assessment capability (hospital and

ambulance) of secondary care. Secretary to draft letter


  1. AGM Arrangements

The arrangements were confirmed. Part of the meeting would be open to guests. It was agreed to publicise this. Richard Bourne, Chair of the Central Council would be attending.

  1. Treasurer report     The treasurer reported a current balance of £612.39


Date of Next meeting: To be confirmed after the AGM