Officers’ Meeting 23rd January 2013

Notes of SHA Wales Officers Meeting Wednesday January 23rd 2013

Present: Alison Scouller, Phillipa Forde, Tony Beddow    


  1. Notes of last meeting – November 2012 These were agreed


  1. Arising


  1. a) Membership list

The Chair had reviewing this. We have 71 members across most of the country. Agreed: ask Martin to circulate to all members a letter from the Chair seeking further information about interests and any offers to help look at service reconfiguration proposals in each Board area. Chair to also write to attendees at Cardiff event to see if they wish to join.

  1. b) Legislative timetable

Phillipa updated the Executive on the legislative timetable. The Health and Well being Bill would be published on Monday and was expected to deal with social care matters including the duties of Local Authorities. The Public Health “Green paper” is now the subject of consultation.


  1. c) Spirit level

Discussions with the Spirit Level staff have confirmed that they will not be able to

attend the AGM and speak.



  1. National Council

Alison was unable to get to the National Council because of adverse weather. The main topic was the revamp of the web site.


  1. Reply from D. Sissling

This was discussed and a further letter agreed seeking confirmation that key capacities would be monitored at the all Wales level and asking for further information about the methodology used to calculate the need for road and air transport. Views of members on the line take to be sought prior to despatch.



  1. AGM Arrangements

Dates in March and April were considered and a speaker identified. Venue agreed as the Civic Centre, Swansea.


  1. Reorganisation of hospital care

The stage reached was noted. The proposals for neonatal care for North Wales were seen as contentious and the evidence base used was not fully understood.

  1. Treasurer report     The treasurer reported a current balance of £612.39


Date of Next meeting: March 13th 3 30pm Sarne