Officers’ Meeting 21st January 2015

Notes of Officers meeting 21st January 2015


Present: Alison Scouller, Pip Ford, Tony Beddow


  1. Issues arising from the AGM
  2. a) Agreed: submit motion to Wales Labour Conference re NHS Wales offering salaried option for GPs.
  3. b) Seek meeting with Andrew Goodall re making progress on salaried option.
  4. c) Secretary to amend original 10 steps document as an archive version .
  5. d) Seek meeting with Richard Lewis (BMA) re salaried option.
  6. e) Draft letter to go members re pursuing a more federal structure for SHA.


  1. Report back from Central Council

Alison reported on:

  1. a) A debate on a paper largely concerned with the English NHS; Wales suggested some amendments
  2. b) A change was agreed to the SHA Standing Financial Instructions re claiming expenses for meetings
  3. c) Some constitutional changes were considered – for example to reduce the number of vice chairs from 4 to 1; but it was recognised that these were a matter for the AGM
  4. d) There was a proposal to set up a working group to do some forward policy planning but this was opposed by the Director and did not go forward
  5. e) Brian Fisher and the Director were to produce 10 messages for use in the election campaign.
  6. f) The Chair reported back on the results of the teleconference to explore the use of mediation / consultancy to help address the discontent concerning the governance and management of the SHA. Noted; the Chair’s conclusion that the reasons for discontent had now been addressed and Barry Brown’s view that the officers were “on probation”.


  1. Forthcoming AGM
  2. a) Secretary to email all members re their right to seek office.
  3. b) Agreed: SHA Wales would submit constitutional amendments to: keep four vice chairs and clarify their roles; allow Wales, Scotland and England / UK to affiliate to any political party that offered the best route for creating a socialist NHS. Also, to propose that the AGM rotate between England, Scotland and Wales.
  4. c) Noted: SHA Wales had been advised that it could not submit evidence to the Assembly Health committee re primary care as it was seeking views of invited bodies only; Dr Gibbons had challenged this and a reply was awaited.


  1. Next Officers meeting          

Agreed: this would be on March 11th in Cardiff and we will try to extend this to all members via Webex ; secretary to alert all members and seek topics for discussion.


  1. Finance report

The balance in the bank was £534-39p – with conference fee of £84 to be paid.

  1. Legislation report

Pip’s summary of legislation going through the Assembly was noted: agreed, it should be lodged on the main web site.

A future meeting (after the election) might include Ruth Hussey talking on the public health Bill