Officers’ Meeting 14th November 2012

Notes of SHA Wales Officers Meeting Wednesday November 14th 2012

Present: Alison Scouller, Phillipa Forde, Tony Beddow    


  1. Notes of last meeting – August 2012 These were agreed


  1. Arising
  1. Reconfiguration of Welsh NHS

The current position was discussed and emerging issues noted. The secretary

had spoken at several events and had met informally with one Board CEO.

Officers were concerned that it appeared that there had not been any

“capacity planning” done to ensure that broad measures of key hospital and

care components (theatres, beds, admitting / assessment facilities and ITU /

SCBU and ambulance / air ambulance transport were known and their

broad positioning around Wales and England understood -at least in outline.


Agreed: secretary to speak with key media to see if further comment from

SHA Wales would be welcome now or should wait until the New Year when

the next stage of consultation would begin. Secretary also to write to David

Sissling to enquire what work on this was in hand.


  1. b) Membership list

The Chair reported that she had nearly completed reviewing this. Agreed: agenda for next meeting

  1. c) Legislative timetable

Philippa reported her research about the legislative timetable; several items would be of interest including the change in transplant law to require an “opt out” of those not wishing to have their organs used for transplantation. It was agreed that the Welsh membership be canvassed for any views on this. Other bills of note related to changes in social care. There was also to be a Public Health “Green paper” – about which the secretary would write to Bob Hudson.


  1. National Council

Alison gave a full report on the last national Council and the remaining issues on the final “Improving Health” policy document emerging from Council (now on the SHA web site). Alison would attend the next Council in London meeting.

  1. Spirit level Conference

It was agreed to progress this for March 2013, in Swansea, combined with the AGM. Secretary would seek a speaker from “Spirit level” and from relevant local government and health bodies. Treasurer to chase outstanding CD.


  1. Treasurer report     The treasurer reported a current balance of £612.39


  1. Next meeting           23rd January 2013   4pm Sarne