Officers’ Meeting 10th June 2014

Notes of Officers Meeting :Tuesday 10th June 2014  


  1. Notes of last meeting were agreed



  1. Arising
  1. Noted: the suggested meeting with Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith had not yet been arranged – action : secretary to chase.
  2. b) Launch of 10 Steps: the launch had gone well, with good support

from Labour AMs. Mike Hedges help in arranging it was

welcomed, as was the interest and attendance of Mark Drakeford.

Interest had also been shown by the Welsh RCGP and this was

being followed up.

  1. National Council report back

           The Chair reported on the 7th June Central Council. The main

business was to agree the SHA’ s amendments to the draft Labour

manifesto and changes proposed by Welsh delegates were accepted to

ensure an incoming Labour Government repealed the 2012 Act, scrapped

the internal market, restored the duty on the S of S to provide a service,

and returned the NHS to being a collaborative and overwhelmingly

publicly owned and run body.

Recent internal difficulties re governance and policy making were to be

resolved using the good offices of Unite and GMB and the terms of

reference for this work would be agreed shortly with the secretary

contributing as SHA Vice Chair.


  1. Public Health : Comments and submission

Members had not responded to the Chairs draft submission. Agreed:

Chair to re-draft in the light of other comments – e.g. from ASH and then

seek further comments before submission on 24th June.


  1. 5. Question Time – BBC FOI / Labour request

           Concerns had been raised by members about the latest Question Time

           broadcast from Wales. The BBC’s policies relating to balance and

devolved administrations were unclear. Agreed: secretary to submit FOI

requests relating to how panellists were selected, and extant policies in

this regard.


  1. Web site

           There was a short discussion on whether SHA Wales should develop its

own web site; agreed, make further enquiries and discuss at next



  1. Next members meeting : topic and location

           Two topics were considered as possible topics for discussion; a) safe

staffing levels to help inform the proposed Bill, and primary care / 10

Steps. Agreed: secretary to sound out possible speakers and set up

meetings after discussion with officers.

  1. D. Sissling’s successor

           Noted: Andrew Goodall had succeeded David Sissling and had already

taken up post. The secretary had offered congratulations and was

seeking a conversation about capacity planning.


  1. Treasurers report

           There was a balance of £343.39 and £200 was to come from SHA UK to

help with printing costs.


  1. Next officers meeting

           12th August 3-30pm Sarne