There are five sites which should be the ones to check for reliable and up to date information.

World Health Organization – this gives the worldwide picture and is updated daily. WHO is an independent organization based in Geneva with regional offices around the world. WHO was set up on 7 April 1948 which is now World Health Day

It is an independent organisation with its headquarters in Geneva and regional offices around the world. It was set up in 1948 by the United Nations.

Public Health England

Public Health Wales

Health Protection Scotland

Institute of Public Health Ireland

The public health experts from these organisations will be monitoring Coronavirus situation and will be advising governments in their countries.

I am a retired health librarian with more than 40 years experience of working with health specialists. I worked directly to the Chief Medical Officer in Wales supporting him and his officials during the swine flu outbreak.

Sue Thomas – Cardiff.

Document created on 16/03/2020